2024 5th International Conference on Education, Knowledge and Information Management(ICEKIM 2024)

Call For Papers


2023 4th International Conference on Education, Knowledge and Information Managemen (ICEKIM 2023) provide a premier forum for the presentation of new advances and research results in the fields of modern educational technology and innovation and entrepreneurship. The conference will bring together leading researchers, social workers and scientists in the domain of interest from around the world. Please click on the call for papers for the specific conference for further details.

Educational Technology and Computer Science

· Artificial Intelligence in Education

· The Role of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Learning and Teaching

· New Approaches to Computer-Assisted Teaching

· Innovations and challenges of online learning platforms

· Programming Education and Computational Thinking

· Application of Data Science in Student Performance Analysis

· Educational Game Design and Evaluation

· Machine Learning in Personalized Learning

Knowledge Management and Information Systems

· Design and Implementation of Knowledge Management Systems
· Application of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems in Education
· The Role of Big Data Analytics in Knowledge Discovery
· Application of Cloud Computing in Knowledge Management
· Information System Security and Privacy Protection
· Application of Blockchain Technology in Knowledge Sharing
· Intelligent Information Retrieval System
· The Role of Social Media Analytics in Knowledge Dissemination

Information Technology and Social Influence

• The Role of IT in Global Equality in Education
• Impact of Computer Science Education on Social Diversity
• Digital Divide: Challenges and Solutions
• Information Technology in Management Education
• Integration of Sustainable Development and Information Technology
• Impact of Digital Transformation on Education Systems